Pool Rules
Admission to the Pool

All Patrons must wear a current pool bracelet on their wrist at all times while inside the fenced area of the pool. Patrons not complying with this rule will be denied access to the facility.

Guests are allowed when accompanied by a Patron with a current pool tag. Only one guest is allowed per Resident and they must check in with the lifeguards to obtain a guest pass. All guest tags must be returned to the lifeguards upon exiting the facility. No guest may remain without a Resident on site. No more than five guests per Resident family are allowed.

Children eight (8) years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult eighteen (18) years of age or older. Children ages 9-12 may swim without being accompanied by an adult if they are able to pass the local swim test administered by the lifeguard staff.

All swimmers must wear bathing suits. No cut-off jeans, shorts or other attire allowed. Light colored t-shirts may be worn in the pool but may not have any verbiage or pictures on them.

Infants and toddlers must wear swim diapers while swimming in the pool. Changing of diapers may not be done anywhere but in the restrooms.

No pets are permitted within the fenced area of the pool.

Safety Rules

The lifeguard on duty has full authority to enforce all rules pertaining to the safety of the pool.

Visitation with lifeguards while they are on duty is not allowed.

No Patron shall be allowed to swim with open cuts, wounds, sores or contagious diseases.

No breath holding or hyperventilation techniques are allowed in the pool.

Three short whistles mean you should exit the pool immediately.

The Thunder/lightning rule is enforced. A storm is deemed ended by lifeguards only and usually when there has been no sound of thunder or evidence of lightning within the prior 30 minutes. The lifeguards will signal when the pool is reopened.

Wading pools are restricted to children five (5) years of age and under. Parents must monitor their children at all times.

Diving Board and Slide

Patrons must be able to swim the entire length of the pool in order to use the diving board, slides or deep end of the pool. It is at the sole discretion of the lifeguard to ask any Patron to take a swim test to prove their swimming ability.

Only one person on the diving board or slide at a time.

Swimmers entering the pool from the diving board or pool slide must extend their arms beyond their head to break their impact in the water or enter feet first.

No reverse or inward dives are allowed.

Inner tubes, rafts and other aquatic toys may only be used in the shallow area of the pool with lifeguard approval.

No diving is allowed where the depth of the water is less than six (6) feet.

No back dives or flips off the side of the pool.

No glass, alcoholic beverages, or smoking is permitted at the pool.

No loud or abusive language, inappropriate behavior or public display of affection will be tolerated.

No food or drink is allowed in the pool water.

No loud music is allowed.

No tennis balls or other hard balls are allowed within the pool facility.

No bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades are allowed inside the fenced area.

Adult Swim

All Patrons under the age of 18 must exit the pool every hour for a period of ten minutes.

Children must remain away from the pool side and behind the coping tiles during adult swim. No dangling of feet will be allowed.

No children over the age of 2 will be allowed in the water during adult swim unless under the supervision of a swim instructor. Children under the age of two may be in the pool with a parent during adult swim, but they must be in direct contact with the parent at all times. 
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